When Experience Matters...

A while back, a woman had her car towed into a dealership where a few of us were working. She had previously been to another shop and was told that she needed a new engine. Her car would not start. The shop told her that her timing belt had broken and the resulting damage had completely ruined the internal engine components of her car. The woman was very prepared to spend the $4,500 in order to have her engine replaced, but she decided to get a second opinion. The minute the car came into us, we knew that she did not need an engine. All the car needed was a $120 sensor.

Seeing this experience and many others like it, we decided to start a trustworthy, automotive repair shop with mechanics from dealerships. We employ only the highest trained, ASE certified, automotive technicians. Why go to the dealer and pay high dealership rates? Have your car serviced at Excel Automotive and a mechanic with factory, dealership training will be working on your car for a fraction of the dealership cost. Give us a try.

The Excel Automotive Team


My name is Steve Bryner, one of the owners and a mechanic at Excel Automotive. Why trust your car to Excel? So, you can have the best in the industry working for YOU! I have loved working on and fixing cars for as long as I can remember. My father was an auto-mechanic in the Vietnam War. As a boy growing up, I remember being in the garage with him as he worked on our family cars. Cars have been in my blood ever since.

My formal automotive training is from Weber State University. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Automotive Technology. I have ten years of dealership experience and am an ASE certified Master Technician. Working for a dealer was excellent experience. I simply saw a need to provide my service as a mechanic on a more personal level and without charging the excessive rates that are seen at dealers. I am here for you. Please feel free to call me any time with your automotive questions. I will try to help you any way I can. If I cannot be reached at the business, my cell phone number is 801-467-9011.


My name is Richard Moser, an owner/technician at Excel Automotive. From a young age I have always been fascinated by how things worked and enjoyed repairing various things. The choice to be an automotive technician was a natural choice for me. After taking a few years of auto shop in high school, I continued my Automotive education at Weber State University where I received an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology and also graduated from the General Motors Education Program .

For the last 19 Years I have been working for dealerships where I have gained auto repair experience on multiple car lines. During this time it has always been hard to see people come in for repair of their car or truck and have to pay the high dealership prices. At Excel Automotive you have the best of both worlds, factory trained experts working on your car and only paying the aftermarket shop prices. We will give you the world class attention that you and your car deserve!


Dave Nelson is one of Excel Automotive's Service Consultants. Dave alone has over 20 years of dealership experience. He started out as an apprentice technician and moved to service consulting and sales. Dave is very knowledgeable on all makes and models of vehicles. He has seen just about everything in the automotive service industry.


I am Lance Stewart and I have been an automotive enthusiast my whole life. I have worked on everything from haul trucks for Kennecott Copper to BMW M5s and everything in-between. I have worked for three different General Motors Dealerships, as well as a Subaru dealership. At all, I specialized in performance work. I worked on heavy duty trucks for construction companies as well as heavy duty earth moving equipment. I love working on cars, especially high performance. I attend the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas every year so that I can stay up to date on the latest automotive performance equipment available. If I can help with automotive performance or in any other way, please call Excel at (801) 467-9011 and ask for me, Lance.


Kip Atkinson is a service consultant at Excel. Kip has seven years of dealership experience. He worked as a maintenance technician at a General Motors Dealership. Kip can help answer any pricing or maintenance questions that you may have.


Tyler Lyman is an apprentice technician and is currently working toward a degree in Automotive Technology.


I'm David, I'm 24 years old -- born and raised in Utah. I work as a maintenance technician at Excel. With my free time I enjoy listening to and playing music. I play drums for 'Coatsville' -- a local band here in Salt Lake and love it.


My name is John Lay. I am a maintenance technician at Excel. When you come for regular maintenance or a safety and emissions inspection, I am usually the one working on your car. I have always enjoyed working on cars and have been working on them since high school. I like to build models and enjoy relaxing, watching movies and playing video games.